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DATES 2017
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1. Check your bike thoroughly before you head off This includes oil, tyre wear, fluid levels, brake pads etc…, you’ll be asking a lot more of it than usual and you need to be sure it’s in good condition 2. Arrive at the circuit early 3. Check your PPE, Boots, Leathers, Back and Chest Protector, Helmet and Gloves PPE helps minimise injury should something go wrong. Make sure it fits, for advice ask. 4. Fuel up before you arrive We don’t sell fuel the nearest garage is in Caragh 4klm away. 5. Tyre pressures are vital, check pressures when tyres are cold for advice ask. 6. Drink a lot of water You will sweat and dehydrate quicker than usual in the intense sessions, drinking more water will keep you alert and refuelled. 7. Warm your tyres up for 2 to 3 laps... before you start to go faster and increase your corner speeds. The heat of your tyres will make a dramatic difference to their ability to grip the track. 8. Ask questions The instructors and marshals are there to help and are happy to give you advice and help on and off the track. 9. You don’t have to stay out for the full 20 minutes of each session Over the day you may do over 200klms of riding, that’s 2 or 3 Moto GPs so there’s no shame in taking a break! 10. Speed comes from being smooth and progressive not manic The quickest riders make it look easy because they’re joining the dots from entry to apex through to corner exit. 11. Be calm There’s no need to rush. Go at your own pace and work on your own skills, you’re there to learn and enjoy yourself. Bike2Bike marshals will be on hand to help you achieve your goals!!!